“On our journey, every little thing combines or detaches to create the greatest sum of our parts! I Am…"


Exclusively Writing

Writing words, thoughts, emotions, opinions, and observations in commentary, prose, or poetry.


 I create every moment in every day. Be it by changing my appearance, my perception, my dreams, or the choosing of longevity of emotions I feel. All of it changes my opinions and beliefs; They are what create my world.

Everything I experience, from the simple to traumatic, may affect my thoughts, opinions and/or beliefs. It is a personal journey. A journey to be enjoyed. It is meant to change me, for there is no other way to gain wisdom. All of this along with my reactions create who I am. And tomorrow who I am will change, maybe ever so slightly, because of yesterday and the dawn of today.


Precious Boy


Precious little fingers,

Ten little toes,

Bright eyes and wrinkled up nose.

So alert and aware,

Little expressions light up the room,

And fill our world with bright sunshine.

Little one so perfect,

Little angel sent from Heaven above;

We promise to love you and be grateful…

Every little smeared fingerprint,

Every artistic  piece overrunning it’s page,

Every sleepless night,

And every accomplishment big or small.

We know time will fly;

All too soon you will begin to crawl,

Then you will grow to be so tall.

Our beautiful little boy,

Precious little fingers,

Ten little toes,

Bright eyes and wrinkled up nose.

We love you.

Home Sweet Home

Home an abstract concept —
A feeling swelling from within exuding peace and contentment;
It is a feeling of everything being alright in your world.

Home existed everywhere, as long as we were together —
I no longer feel home anywhere, I am lost;
A gypsy soul longing to find home again.

Home isn’t a place, but a connection –-
Where the sun shines brighter, the birds sing louder, and spring smells sweeter;
It is a peaceful belonging.

Your memories are now shadows surrounding my world–
Protection for the broken painful scars as a soothing salve;
My shelter until I rebuild this place called home.



Be thankful for all  the little things: Someday they will be the biggest!

Today and Tomorrow

Driving Desires



No doubt — we can write your own story;

Begin with questions…
Believe not what you see,
Nor most of what you hear.
Follow the voice from deep inside…
The one silent and strong,
The one who never steers you wrong.
Accept the trials and the lessons…
Experiences accumulate knowledge,
Knowledge hones our wisdom.

No doubt — we can write a beautiful story.



bittersweet-blog-post_chris-leeA sweet call —

It’s hope, life, and beginnings.

My heart sings joyously,

In a moment it cries.

I am excited to see a new bundle of life,

But my heart holds a memory and a dream.

So much I want to share,

To see the smile I know you’d have.

A sweet call —

It’s hopes, life, and beginnings.

But reminds me so delicately,

Of the difference in the way we must share our joys;

Excitement with bittersweet tears.

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